Hazelwood parents deliver petitions to auditors office to start process in looking at districts books

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KPLR) - Angry parents from the Hazelwood School District moved one big step closer to getting a state audit of their financially strapped school district.  They're questioning how officials are spending taxpayers’ money.

Parents handed in just over 7,000 petition signatures to the Missouri State Auditor's office in Jefferson City.  They only needed 5,000 names.

Once the names are certified, the audit process can begin.

The Auditor herself, Nicole Galloway, came out to meet the group of about a half dozen parents, and answer questions.

She's not saying how long it will take the St Louis County Clerk to certified that the names are valid, but she says she'll be ready to move once that's done.

Parents launched the petition drive after school officials announced hefty budget cuts to popular programs like band and orchestra. The district claimed it was in a deep budget hole.

But only months prior to that school officials said the district was in good shape financially.

Parents called the You Paid For It Team for help tracking down spending. We found that officials had plenty of six figure salaries on the payroll and weren’t looking at trimming those paychecks.

Parents said they could not get any satisfactory answers from school officials and so decided to bring in some high-powered help from the state.