Large voter turnout helps republicans capture statewide offices

(KPLR) – The large Republican turnout in Missouri resulted in a landslide of victories for all the GOP candidates in statewide races.  Donald Trump helped get out the vote, but he wasn’t the top overall vote getter.

Attorney General-elect Josh Hawley received the most votes of anybody on the ballot.  He received 1.6-million votes, followed by Trump at 1,585,000.  Here are the other winning vote counts for statewide races.

  • Josh Hawley (Atty Gen)  1,597,000
  • Donald Trump (Pres)  1,585,000
  • Jay Ashcroft (Sec. State)  1,581,000
  • Eric Schmitt   (Treas)  1,536,000
  • Mike Parson (Lt. Gov)  1,450,000
  • Eric Greitens  (Gov)  1,425,000
  • Roy Blunt  (US Senate)  1,370,000