Chicago Cubs fan anxious ahead of Game 7

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CHICAGO, IL (KPLR) – Both the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs are now just 27 outs away from winning the World Series.  As both teams prepare for Game 7 in Cleveland, Chicago fans are filling bars in Wrigleyville around Wrigley Field to watch this historic game.

"We're here. This is part of history. We're a part of history no matter what" said Shannon Waliczek.  "Although we would love for them to win, we're still going to be excited no matter what.  Nothing can bring us down at this point" she said.

Enrique Diaz flew to Chicago from California just to be in Wrigley when he hopes the Cubs win the series over Cleveland.

"It means the world to me. I could die now" said Enrique Diaz.  "I could die happy now if the Cubs win the World Series.  I've been waiting since I was a kid, since the Harry Carry days, ready to win the World Series" he said.

For long time Cubs fans, Game 7 in the World Series is something they have only been able to dream about until now.

"Let's get the Monkey off our back man". "It's hard to be a Cubs fan so after today, tomorrow doesn't matter.  The wait is over and we can celebrate".

If the Cubs win Wednesday night, it will be the team's first World Series Championship win since 1908, 108 years ago.  If the Indians win, it will be their first World Series Championship win since 1948.