Officer helps deliver 2 babies in 5 days

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ARGO, AL (WBMA) - He's not a doctor and doesn't play one on TV.

But over the last week, a police officer in Alabama has seen quite a bit of action when it comes to delivering babies.

Mike Jennings' has had his fair share of time behind the wheel for years, and saving lives. Otherwise, he’s protecting lives.

The Argo police sergeant recently watched two lives begin.

Sgt. Jennings helped a woman deliver a baby a little more than a week ago in the Jack's parking lot on Liles Lane.

He considered the first one easy. But, the second one, he delivered on the on-ramp to Interstate 59 south was different, saying, "I got there to catch, that was about it. She pushed twice and she was done. We had a baby boy in hand. So it was pretty quick."

He sergeant is also a certified EMT. He did that job more than 10 years before picking up a badge and gun.

The husband and father of two has watched births before. While none can top the birth of his own, these two do stick out.

Sgt. Jennings says he's delivered three babies during his time as a paramedic.

Venton Blandin reporting.