West County dentist offering free dental care for veterans Friday

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BALLWIN, MO (KPLR) - It’s not unusual for a business in this country to fly the American flag.  A dental office in Ballwin takes their patriotism to heart and puts their money where their mouth is.  It’s Dr. Allan Link’s business, “I feel it's my way of giving back since I never served.”

For the seventh year in a row Dr. Link's dental office will be offering free dental care to veterans this Friday. Everyone in the office donates their time, from officer manager to dental hygienist.

Barbara Jost is a dental hygienist, “It does help them and gets them out of pain.”

If a vet needs more extensive care, oral surgeons are standing by ready to donate their services. Dental labs also do work free of charge.

Paul Arca is a Vietnam Veteran, “There's many of us who don't have insurance, many of us that have dental issues…to give a whole day of free dentistry for a veteran, there's no better way to say thank you than that.”

Dr. Link says he's inspired to do this because of the many veterans in his family including his father-in law.  While they alleviate people's pain, the patients give the doctor and staff so much joy.  Dr. Link said, “They mean everything, it's the reason why I get the wonderful life I have.”

Over the years he estimates they've served close to 400 veterans.

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