Sons of man beaten, want businesses to check surveillance video for attacker

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - The family of the man who was brutally attacked Monday in south city is determined to bring the suspect to justice. 64-year-old Huan Le, a Vietnamese immigrant is still in the ICU in critical but stable condition. Not only are doctors treating his injuries, Mr. Le also has stage four cancer.

Vu Le is his son, “Our wish is to find justice for our father my father deserves to know who did this to him.”

Vu Le and his brother Tyler Ruby want their father’s attacker behind bars. They’ve been distributing leaflets asking business owners to check surveillance video to see if cameras caught the suspect punching Huan Le in the face. Le fell to the ground and bit off part of his tongue.

Mark Nevelow owns property in the area, “Just one of the nicest guys around here was a delight to have in the neighborhood.”

Police have released photos of the suspect but the sons think more photos could help.  Tyler Ruby said, “Get him off the street so one else has to go through this it’s too much for the family.” Pictures of Mr. Le before and after the attack are dramatic.  Vu Le added, “We want people to see what he was before how happy he was before and instead he’s instead on gurney in a hospital with a swollen face and broken bones…now we have a father that we don’t know will come back to his normal self ever again.” Tyler Ruby said, “I’m sad I’m very angry.”

The family is grateful for people’s support prayers and donations to a Go Fund Me page for their dad. They said his health insurance is not very good. So far more than ten thousand dollars have been donated.