School cafeteria workers win $50K in Missouri Lottery

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EUREKA, MO (KPLR) - Ladies that serve lunch at Eureka high school were served a little luck of their own.

A group 19 of lunch ladies won $50,000 playing the Missouri Lottery.

Twice a week for six years the child nutrition services workers at Eureka High School have been playing the Missouri Powerball.

"We have new girls this year because people come and go but we try and get everyone in the kitchen to play and it is a lot of fun," said Nutrition Services worker Megan Fehy.

They have never won big but every week they hope for the best.

"While we work we will all kind of talk about our dreams and what we would do if we won the money," said Fehy.

On October 5th while at work the group realized that their luck had changed.

"We checked our numbers while we were on break and we realized we had four number and a Powerball, we weren’t sure what that got us so we went and checked and we couldn’t believe it was $50,000," Fehy said. "I came back and told everybody and they were screaming and yelling we could hardly serve lunch that day. "

Divided up each person gets about $2,500.

The group said they do not plan to stop playing any time soon.