Up to 1/3 of all voters may cast ballots prior to election day

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(KPLR) – Early voting has begun in many states across the country.  In many precincts, lines were long as voters came out to cast their ballots with two weeks left until the election.  Some estimates show that up to 1/3 of all voters will cast their ballots prior to election day.  In some battleground states, the numbers are expected to be even higher.  "We believe over 40% of voters in the battleground states are going to turn out before election day," says Robby Mook, the Clinton Campaign Manager. Meanwhile, Kellyanne Conway with the Trump Campaign says, "We look at some of the early voting returns in places like Iowa and Ohio, and we're doing much better than previous candidates in large part because we invested in the absentee ballot, early voting procedures."

The Pew Research Center says that an estimated 50-million people will cast their ballots early this year.