This might be the mother of all man cave auctions

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ST. JAMES, MO (KPLR) – You might call it a mammoth man cave collection.

Everything from classic cars to vintage signs will be sold this weekend.

Patrick Clark gives us a sneak peek at the St. James auction and one man`s mission to collect some pop culture history.

Let’s begin near St. James where an auction is brewing.

Friday and Saturday everything will be sold, but first you need to take in the view.

A private seller is getting rid of 50 years of collecting.

Bikes, trikes, pedal powered cars, classic cars and tiny trucks.

Everywhere you look are antiques.

Some looking brand new, others worn and rough.

It’s truly a collection of stuff, from cans and machines and all kinds of stuff.

This has been Robert Parker`s job for the past two months to sort through all these items.

And now this weekend, it will all go to the highest bidders who can add to their stuff.