St. Louisians tune into final presidential debate

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – As the presidential candidates debated for the final time, their supporters held watch parties in the St. Louis area Wednesday night.

Clinton supporters gathered at a south St. Louis restaurant.  Trump supporters watched the debate from a volunteer campaign office.

Annette Read is Trump supporter and the director of the St. Louis volunteer center.  She believes recent polls underestimate support for Trump.  She feels Trump will bring a lot of non-traditional republicans and first-time voters to the polls in November.

“We’ve got everyone from democrats to a gentleman who came in today.  He has not voted ever,” said Read.

Kudia said recent news that the Clinton campaign will be spending money in Missouri is encouraging Clinton supporters.

“Everyone is really excited. It could make a difference down ballot,” said Joy Kudia, Clinton supporter and campaign intern.

Interest in the race was also evident at Washington University, site of the 2nd Presidential Debate.  Students filled the Danforth Center to watch Clinton and Trump debate for the final time.