Coyote attacks have residents worried about pets

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SPANISH LAKE, MO (KPLR) – Neighbors in the Spanish Lake area say coyotes are taking over, attacking and in some cases, killing their family pets. They say there is no where they can turn for help.

Denise Knue says her sweet 7-year-old dog, Dana, was attacked by a coyote in the fenced in backyard Tuesday morning.

“I heard a scream that sounded like a kid,” Denise Knue said.

When she took her to the vet, there were 6 puncture wounds. The vet said the pooch was lucky to be alive.

“Said it just missed her windpipe and missed an artery,” said Knue.  If it had hit the artery, “she would have been dead before we got her there,” Knue said.

The neighbors have seen coyotes lurking around in Birmingham Court, a subdivision of Spanish Lake in unincorporated St. Louis County since May.

And already, they say the coyotes have attacked at least 5 dogs and killed 2.

James Cook has seen them sunning behind his backyard.

“About the size of a German Shepard,” Cook said he won't let his dog out unsupervised anymore.

Cook and Knue say they've alerted authorities with Missouri Wildlife Conservation, Animal Control and even police. Nothing has been done and they’re worried what may be next.

“I just hope they look into the issue before some children get seriously injured,” Cook said.

A spokesperson with Missouri Wildlife Conservation gave Fox2 the name of a trapper and other numbers for the residents to call.

But the residents don't think they should have to pay to remove the coyotes since they are living on undeveloped property.

“I just wish we could get some help to get rid of some of the debris in the area. I don't know whose responsibility the overgrowth is,” said Knue.  “I don't want to kill the coyotes they have a right to be alive too,” she said.