Debate stage moving from St. Louis to Las Vegas

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Life begins to return to normal at Washington University. Work continues to tear down the debate stage and media facilities Monday afternoon. But there is plenty of talk still going on about what the nation heard from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Sunday night.

Media platforms, equipment, temporary security fencing and miles of video cables must be removed, recycled or transported to the next debate site in Las Vegas. Athletes are the only ones back in the field house. The main gym is still looking something like the stage it was for the debate.

One of the questions from Sunday night, did the 90 minute event sway any undecided voters? Karl Becker, who asked if the two could say what they appreciated about their opponent, remains undecided.

"I believe it took them off guard which was a good thing. It may be opened up a little more dialogue that will continue. Just give us that ability to humanize both of these candidates and let the American voters decide who can truly lead us into the next four to eight years," said Karl Becker.

"If we are thinking about undecided voters. I don`t see how this debate would really change things. It is so late in the the campaign . You would think people would have made decisions By now and that`s what all of the polling data certainly indicates." said professor Peter Kastor.

If voters are not satisfied with the candidates' answers, will they vote at all? That may be the next question to ask.