Memory screens play an important role in early detection of Alzheimer’s disease

ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – Medical Director at St. Louis Clinical Trials & Principal Investigator Dr. Daniel Gruener talks about memory screens how they play a crucial role in the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease and other memory related diagnoses.

Dr. Daniel Gruener discusses the different things that can cause memory problems and if there is a deeper underlying medical issue present, these memory screens are important.

Identifying a potential problem as soon as possible goes a long way towards finding the best treatment options and medical assistance for an individual`s specific diagnosis.

It is recommended that a person gets a memory screen and then follow up memory screens every six months to a year.

10 Signs of Alzheimer’s include:

    1. Memory loss. Forgetting information that is part of your every day life. Repetitive questions and comments.
    2. Problem solving. Difficulty with planning events; Numbers – Distinguishing money; Balancing checkbook.
    3. Daily tasks. Can no longer remember how to do tasks: Preparing meals; Following a recipe; Mowing the lawn.
    4. Confusion with time or place. Missing appointments; Getting lost when driving or walking; Late to work; Making lists and forgetting about the list.
    5. Visual images and spacial relationships. Difficulty reading and/or understanding signs (STOP signs & STOP lights); Judging distances.
    6. Words. Can’t remember or understand words; Difficulty following conversations.
    7. Misplacing items. Hiding items; Inability to retrace steps to locate items; Accuses others of stealing items.
    8. Poor judgement. Makes questionable decisions; Vulnerable to scams; Mishandles money.
    9. Personality changes. Mood swings; Paranoid; Fearful; Depressed.
    10. Isolation. Withdraws from friends and family; Doesn’t participate in social activities.

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