Woman indicted on wire fraud for theft at Maplewood Walmart

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MAPLEWOOD, MO (KPLR)-A Maplewood woman is accused of stealing more than $100,000 from her employer in a matter of months. Police say she did it using pre-paid credit cards.

Detectives have seen this type of scheme before but they were surprised when they heard just how much money she had stolen.

Marissa McMiller, 26, worked at the Walmart in Maplewood.

According to police, from April to July of 2016, McMiller issued more than 100 Walmart pre-paid credit cards without paying for them. She had friends and family members come up to the register they were bringing pre-paid credit cards up to her little cards that you could put any type of amount on them. They would pay her anywhere between one to $5f depending on the cost of the card and she would load a value between $50 to $500 on them.

Maplewood Ddetective David Brown says in a matter of four months McMiller rang out over $148,000. Brown says this isn`t the first time people have tried this scam. "People have definitely done this before this isn`t the first time this is probably the first time for this amount this isn`t the first time walmart has had it and retailers deal with it almost on a daily basis but at this total this is the largest we have had here before," said Brown.

He explains that when you buy a Walmart pre-paid credit card the transaction starts in Missouri then is transferred to Arkansas then back to Missouri. Because it crosses state lines, it becomes a federal case.

Brown says McMiller initially started this because she was told by friends and other people no one would notice it. Walmart has so much going on there was no way she would be caught. Obviously that didn`t end up being true.

McMiller has been indicted by the U.S. prosecutor on three counts of wire fraud.

Brown says there are 16 to 20 other people who were involved in this scheme. They were the ones buying the cards from McMiller.

They will also face charges.