Tempers flare at Maryland Heights city council meeting

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KPLR)-Many are upset about the Maryland Heights police chief and his assistant being place on administrative leave. Everyone who addressed the council spoke in support of Chief Bill Carson and Major Joe Delia.

The two men were put on paid leave last week while the department undergoes a review following complaints regarding a potentially unfair work environment in the department. Some people blamed the new city administrator but council members say he had nothing to do with it.
One city council members said because it`s a personnel issue they can`t talk about it in public.

In the meantime firefighters, police, a federal agent, citizens and business owners spoke out in favor of the chief and the major. Some were emotional.

City officials wanted to make one thing clear, a rumor floating around that the city plans to layoff ten police officers is not true. They say they actually plan to hire more cops.