Woman leads police on chase to St. Louis County Jail

ST.ANN, MO (KPLR) - At around 4am Monday morning 37-year-old Laura Mann of Pacific was reported to St. Ann police for suspicious behavior.  When police arrived and approached her at a QuickTrip she suddenly hit the gas and took off.

Police say she weaved through North County from Lindbergh to Olive, then from Shreve to Interstate 70. And at one point she was driving on the wrong side of the road.

She finally stopped at the St Louis County Jail in Clayton and stopped. Police say it’s one of the strangest chases they`ve seen in a while.  Chief Aaron Jimenez says while it wasn`t a high speed chase they do believe drugs were involved.

“The officer had relayed to us that she had thrown some items out of the car so we don`t know it was bath salts meth we are still talking to her now.” Said Jimenez

Mann who has served time for felony theft is now on the books in St. Ann for misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest, no insurance, careless driving traffic violations and speeding. It`s the 25th chase the police have had in the last 20 days. She's being held at the city jail on a $500 cash bond.