Online outrage over near miss on Jefferson County beach

JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO (KPLR) - out-of-control driver crashes through a packed lakeside beach in Jefferson County.

Witnesses said the woman behind the wheel- narrowly missed hundreds of people, and the pictures of the incident are fueling an on-line outrage.

Heather Peterson was at the Small Beach in Hillsboro when the car started charging backwards down the hill.

She said parents were yelling and grabbing kids to throw them out of the way.

Heather said when the car came to a stop people checked on the driver.

"One of the cheer fathers asked her he said you appear to be drunk and she said all I've had is two drinks and a shot before I got in this car," said Heather.

Parents then called 911 and waited.

Jefferson County Sheriff`s Office said it took about an hour and a half to respond because the initial call came in as "an intoxicated driver parked on a beach" or an "accident with no injuries," and they were responding to other higher priority calls.

Distraught over all of this Heather sat down and composed a Facebook post.

"It’s not that I needed her to pay, because that’s not what my post was about, what I was hoping for is that whenever she sobered up and she was looking at yesterday’s events and thinking about what happened that she would read my post and think wow," said Heather.

The Jefferson County Sheriff`s Office has not recommended any charges in the case but they said it is still under investigation to figure out what actions are appropriate.