Ballwin residents lay out plans to support Officer Mike Flamion

BALLWIN, MO (KPLR) - A big check and huge plans for future fundraising were announced Monday night in Ballwin for Police Officer Mike Flamion.  It seems Ballwin residents will always keep Officer Flamion in their hearts.

At city hall there was a standing ovation by citizens and city officials as a check for $61,000 was given to a police officer who was receiving it on behalf of Officer Flamion.  Flamion was shot and paralyzed in a traffic stop on July 8th. He’s undergoing intense rehab at a Colorado facility.  Ballwin Police Lt. John Bergfeld said, “His spirits are really high we’re talking to him on a regular basis he is really overwhelmed by all the public outpouring of support he has received.”

The $61,000 check came from a dine out event for Officer Flamion from 21 participating restaurants.   Event coordinator Katie Zaitz-Fink said, “Everyone reported they had done sales exceeding anything they had done in the past everyone had record breaking evenings and day events that blew them away.”

She said through the end of the year there will be a dine out at 21 restaurants the second Monday of every month.  She added, “Every step of the way that he will need our support we will be there some way somehow.”

Police have also heard from the Gary Sinese foundation, Lt. Bergfeld said, “They want to do something down the road. Madden: Could involve housing? It potentially could.” Meanwhile, the West County Chamber of Commerce is raising money for a vehicle that will meet officer’s Flamion’s special needs. Police said Flamion, his wife and family members are grateful for everyone’s kindness.