Amnesty program aims to clear warrants today

KIRKWOOD, MO (KPLR) - If you've ever gotten a traffic ticket and skipped your court date now is the time to take care of that. Better Family Life is offering a "Warrant Amnesty Program" for anyone facing arrest due to delinquent traffic tickets or other misdemeanors.

Getting rid of misdemeanor warrants and traffic warrants is getting easier. Better Family Life kicked off its 15th Annual Amnesty Project at St. Louis Community College.  “It is a life saver to many incidents were too many individuals lives have been marginalized, not for large infractions but very small infarction of the law” said James Clark

Kartess Browder walked out of the expo with his voucher in his hand excited about receiving a new start in life.  ”Better Family Life they helping a lot of people out and in bad situation. So I would recommend to anybody that's trying to get out of hardship with court,” said Brower

The program helps to relieve mounting debt; helping those with misdemeanors, traffic warrants, and child support cases.  “This also helps a lot of the residents get out of warrant status and help them get employed. They will be able to get their lives back together.” Said Errol Bush.

There are people who are trying to find employment, people who are trying to enroll their kids in day care or sign a lease with a landlord so these small infractions become major hurdles.

Around 50 municipalities within the St. Louis Area are participating.

You'll pay a $10 processing fee, receive a voucher, and take it to court.  Your warrant is then lifted, and you`re given a new court date. Courts will also work with individuals to resolve the issue.  If you can't afford the fines, community service may be an option.

So far, the program has helped more than 14,000 people get a fresh start.

There will be another event Thursday August 11th at the Florissant Campus and Saturday August 13th at the Forest Park Campus. The events are held from 7 am to 7 pm.