Rookie police officers explain why they serve

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – With recent events of violence and negativity towards police officers, a lot of people are wondering why anyone wants to become a police officer.

We sat down with new police recruits to ask them just that.

The officers has different reasons for wanting to get into the business, but for both of them it seemed like everything that is going on with police officers right now only made their desire to becoming an officer even stronger.

Officer Matt Mcinerny has been on the job with the St. Louis Metro police department for seven days.

He said his grandfather was a deputy and the stories he told inspired him to become an officer.

Mcinerny said he know this is a scary time for law enforcement officers but he never thought about changing his mind.

Terrence Williams has been an officer with the North County Cooperative for about a year.

Williams grew up in St. Louis and from a young age was drawn to the idea of protecting his hometown.

He watched what happened in Ferguson and instead of turning away from policing it made his desire to become an officer even stronger.

One of William's goals as a new officer is to encourage young black males to follow their dreams and trust in law enforcement.