7-year-old boy injured in St. Louis shooting

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - A 7-year-old boy was shot in the face while walking to the store with his family Tuesday morning in North St. Louis. Police think he may have been caught in the crossfire of two men.

At last report the youngster was in stable condition. A family member said after the shooting the boy was alert and talking and complaining of a burning sensation. The bullet went in his cheek and exited out of his neck according to a cousin.

Neighbors reported hearing as many as nine rapid gunshots.

Mortell Frazier lives on Pleasant where it all happened. Frazier said, “My window was up and I hear gunshots. Pow, pow, pow, back to back it’s terrible you know.”

Family members said six adults and five children, including the seven year old victim were walking to the store.

Captain Rene Kriesmann talked about the investigation, “We’re working on a couple of theories but one of them is that they’re just victims of a crossfire here.”

According to police and family two men were running and firing shots at each other and apparently one of the bullets hit the little boy in his face. Captain Kriesmann added, “He’s very lucky.”

While police investigated that shooting, several shots were heard a few blocks away. Then a speeding car was spotted racing down the street with police in pursuit. No one was hit. No one was arrested.

Mortell Frazier said, “Boom, boom, boom, boom that’s what it is all the day boom, boom.”

People who live in the area said the sound of gunshots is all too common.

Resident Laura Thompson said, “Bullets don’t have no eyes and it’s sad that kids can’t come outside and play that is sad.”

Captain Kriesmann added, “We work each day to make these neighborhoods safe we work each day to combat gunfire and to try to make people safe in the neighborhood and all the neighborhoods.”

At this point no suspects were under arrest in the boy’s shooting or the second one. The captain said a neighborhood watch meeting with police was already scheduled for Tuesday night. She said neighbors are very involved and interested in making their streets safer.