Closings: Churches, day-cares and businesses

Restaurants business virtually shut down by protest

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – It’s been a long 11 days for everyone in Ferguson, it’s putting a burden on businesses like the owners of Swiish Bar and Grill. Corey and Chantelle Nickson-Clark opened the doors to swiish two months ago and things were good. However, the Ferguson riots changed everything. The bar wasn’t looted but the owners discovered the financial blow is the same. The tensions in the area caused law enforcement to set up shop in the parking lot of the Buzz Westfall Center and that shut business down. Now the couple’s entire life savings is on the line.

“We know and understand the damage that has been done. As the owners of swiish and as parents our heart goes out to the family of Michael Brown.” Chantelle said.

“It’s an unfortunate situation and I feel someone should do something to compensate the businesses that are affected. It’s not right it’s not fair.” Corey said

Since rioting started swiish has cancelled 15 events and issued refunds. Owners also say they asked state and local officials for help with no success. They hope to get their 10 employees who are from the Ferguson area back to work as soon as possible.




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