FDA warning pet owners about toxic jerky treats

dog treat dangers

(KTVI) – There’s a warning about some deadly dog treats. More than a thousand dog deaths may now be linked to toxic jerky treats.

The FDA says it’s still unsure of the specific cause for the reported illness and deaths.   But most of the cases reportedly happened after pets ate chicken, duck or sweet potato jerky treats imported from China.

As of May 1, 2014, FDA has received approximately 4,800 reports of pet illnesses which may be related to consumption of the jerky treats (These include 1800 complaints received since FDA’s last update in October 2013).

Most of the reports involve jerky products sourced from China. The majority of the complaints involve dogs, but cats also have been affected. The reports involve more than 5,600 dogs, 24 cats, three people and include more than 1,000 canine deaths. There does not appear to be a geographic pattern to the case reports.

No specific brands have been recalled.  The FDA is reaching out to veterinarians for blood samples and other evidence to help in the investigation.

Visit the FDA.gov for more details.


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