St. Louis Zoo experiencing a baby boom

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - With the weather turning warmer, now's a great time to see the gateway city's newest residents.

"We have a number of new baby antelopes up at the Red Rocks area," says Jeff Ettling, a curator of Herpetology & Aquatics. "We have three Transcaspian Urials, a Takin and a Banteng among a number of others and some baby Babarusas. So it's a good time to get up there and see all the new youngsters."

Call it a mini baby boom. A new Takin that's taken the name of Yadier was born April 4th, and April 20th Waino came wobbling into the world. There is a new baby Babirusa named Mary Kate and Ashley and it's elementary that Sherlock and Watson joined group too. All over the St. Louis Zoo, there are new bouncing babies like a female Banteng named Dakota. And that's not all that's new.

"Starting this Friday, Saturday and Sunday through Labor day we'll be open from 8am until 7pm and Jungle Boogie is every Friday night between Memorial Day and Labor Day and that'll be from 5 to 8," says Ettling.

Monday through Thursday hours will extend from 8am to 5pm so you can see the new faces and the new spaces coming to the zoo this summer.

"We're all about conservation, education and recreation," says Ettling. "So we want you to come out and learn about the animals and learn what you can do with the conservation with wild things and wild places."

And you can help welcome the new zoo residents to St. Louis.