Teen kicked out of homeschool prom over dress

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA –  A Virginia teen says she was kicked out of a prom event for home-schoolers over claims her dress was too short. According to the teen she didn’t break any rules, and she has the pictures to prove it.

When 17-year old Clare posted an article on her sister’s blog the outcome wasn’t what her or her boyfriend would have expected. “It blew up a lot faster than we thought.”

The post expresses frustration over being kicked out of an area homeschool prom in hanover county over the weekend. clare couldn’t go on camera, but her boyfriend, James Thompson who was there – says it all started when someone made a comment that his girlfriend’s dress was too short.

clare, and her boyfriend say the rule was that it had to be as long as her fingertips, which they say was the case. Not too long after that James says Clare was pulled to the side and told she was dancing too provocatively

On Clare’s blog she wrote quote “I hadn’t been dancing at all! Much less seductively.”

The followers believed that she would provoke impure thoughts in the boys. James says Clare was eventually kicked out of the prom and he along with the others in his group had to leave.

“They said the main reason for her getting kicked out started with dancing too provocatively and then it changed they went back to it being about the dress and we said we established that then they said we were just causing too much of a problem and we needed to leave.” said James Thompson.

A decision both Clare and James say was not fair.

“It’s sexism.They’re saying you’re making us feel a certain things so you have to do what we tell you to do and that’s not right. “

Calls made to organizers for the homeschool prom were not returned.

By: Chelsea Rarrick


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