Suspected Ferguson madame arrested in previous raid

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NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KTVI) - An attorney refused to comment after his client  was arrested on federal prostitution charges last week. But in 2011, the suspect spoke with FOX2/News 11 after she was arrested in a prostitution and drug sting in Bel-Ridge.

According to our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis County Police raided the house on Warfield Avenue near January Avenue in Ferguson last month. Investigators said they found a dancing pole, condoms, and cash. They also reported finding a VIP room and full bar that may have been run by a teenaged boy.

A statement from the 8th Circuit Federal Court of Eastern Missouri announced 42-year-old Carmen Fluker was indicted last week for promoting prostitution between May 2011 and April 2014.

One neighbor said she was shocked that she may have been living next to a brothel.

"Something like this going on, I'm just glad they are taking care of it and they found out and are taking care of it I don't want it in my neighborhood."

In August of 2011, St. Louis County Police raided Fluker’s home on Snowhilll Court in Bel-Ridge. Police believed that home housed prostitution, along with drug sales.

Federal investigators said she is also known as Carmen Lacy and “Lucious”. But when she spoke to our own Jeff Bernthal after her 2011 arrest, she called herself Carmen Simmons.

“They made everybody get on the floor, guns up to our heads,” she remembered. “They went straight upstairs, found no prostitution going on. They went downstairs found no prostitution, no drugs. The guns that were removed out of our home were registered guns to me and my husband.”

Police said they had enough evidence to execute a search warrant, and found 30 people – including a 15-year-old girl – inside.

“All the young ladies in the house were arrested,” Fluker said. “We were actually throwing a bachelorette party that night. The bachelors got arrested.”

She also said the home held the offices for the non-profit “Yes We Can Social Club”. Incorporation papers with the State of Missouri show Fluker registered the club as an entertainment charity that would donate profits to needy families. But, she had made no donations at the time of her 2011 arrest.

“I just started in January, so I never got a chance to help people in the neighborhood.”

If Fluker is convicted, she could face up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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