Ever changing weather continues to delay farmers

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KPLR)-After a burst of summer-like warmth, a chill has returned to St. Louis. The ever-changing Spring weather could slow down the arrival of some of your favorite locally-grown fruits and vegetables this year. Farmers say produce already planted needed the rain of course. But the flip side of that coin is that muddy acreage means a delay in planting some crops.

By this time of year, people have usually picked a lot of fruit from the eight acres of strawberries at Thies Farm, but not this year.

“They’re running about a week or two weeks behind schedule,” said Andrew Welle, manager at Thies Farm. “Normally it’s the first week of May we’re picking. This year we’re looking at maybe Saturday if this next three nights of cold weather don’t delay them that much.”

He said the wet ground has kept them putting in the peppers, watermelons and okra. And if you love home grown tomatoes and corn you may have to wait a little this summer.

“This year, because of how cold it was, the extended winter, we are running behind schedule. It’s going to be the first week of July before tomatoes and corns are ready.

Thies Farm says that homeowners with backyard gardens don’t need to worry about their plants unless the temperature drops below 40°. Then they may want to consider covering things like tomatoes and squash.