Cold weather puts chill on Cards Cub game

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Fans were bundled up at Busch Stadium Tuesday night as a drastic weather change put a big chill on the Cardinals-Cubs rivalry.

Ballpark Village below the outdoor mega screen TV was so empty, people were playing Wiffle Ball there.

There were thousands of empty seats in the ballpark, too, for what is always one of the toughest tickets of the season.

It was a far cry from the summer-like weather and more spirited crowd one night earlier.

A vendor outside the stadium said she’d had about 70 customers by 5:30 Monday night.

At the same point on a cold, damp, Tuesday night, she had had 2.

“May 13th, yes, and it’s freezing cold,” laughed vendor Aryca Siebenman.

“There’s usually people all over right here, both sides of the street.  This parking lot is usually packed right now,” she said pointing all around her stand outside Paddy O’s Bar.
The Paddy O’s beer garden was empty, too.

Bobby Kinsley and his extended family from Columbia, MO, were among those who found the empty “infield” below the Ballpark Village outdoor big screen the perfect place for Wiffle Ball.

“I think we would have played Wiffle Ball anywhere.  We’re glad we could play right here today.  80 degrees would be nice.  50 degrees, we’ll take it,” he smiled.

Even Cubs fans got off easy under cold gray skies in enemy territory.

“Most of the time it’s more rough-housing.  I get picked on a lot for being who I am as a Cubs fan,” said Chayeleigh Pickard.  “I’m totally okay with this…Cubs weather, the best weather.”

In terms of the Cardinals bottom line, paid attendance was strong.

It was 44,434 Monday and 43,627 Tuesday.

But there were several thousand “no-shows” Tuesday.  It was weather driven but still very rare for one of the best rivalries in baseball.

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