Creve Coeur man rides unicycle to South America

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CREVE COEUR, MO (KPLR) - Cary Gray is a man on the move and his father, Tom, is proud.

“He’s always been a crazy kid kind of and he started riding that unicycle when his uncle gave it to him when he was very young,” explained Tom.

The 25- year-old Parkway North grad has been on quite a journey, riding his unicycle to break a Guinness World Record. He reached his goal in April. Gray crossed the United States and went down to South America. It took 10 months and 9, 972 miles to do it, with lots of inspiration.

“I reached the beach threw off my shoes and gloves and unicycle down and ran into the water. I had crossed the continent.” said Cary

We caught up with the Maryland Institute of College of Art school graduate in Panama via YouTube. He gave us a glimpse into his one wheeled trip to South America. Cary also wants to raise money for Greenpeace and the International Child Art Foundation. Sponsors help with the essentials.

The elder Gray says his son has always been an artistic type with a lot of spunk.

“He’s on his own he’s got a three foot wheel with 80 pounds of gear and he weighs 150 pounds. He’s climbed some pretty sizable mountains,” said Tom.

Cary blogs regularly to keep fans up to date. He also survives by getting lots of sleep and eating a strict vegetarian diet.

“It’s been a treat to know the people of the different countries,” said Cary.

Thousands of miles are racked up with more in the works and there is no telling where the one wheeled speedster will end up next. But one thing’s for sure, Carey is somewhere out there.

“He’s pretty much doing what he wants to do nothing is going to stop him,” Tom said.

Cary brushed up on his Spanish before the trip and says he has had 25 flat tires and wore out two rims.

On the web: Cary Gray’s Blog

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