Student arrested for threat in high school bathroom; 2nd incident this week

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO (KPLR) - An 18-year old from Jefferson County is under arrest after scrawling a threat on a bathroom stall Tuesday morning at Northwest High School near Cedar Hill  The message contained threats to administrators and teachers at the school.

The male student, who is a senior, told authorities he was 'bored' and decided to write the threats while in the bathroom.  Superintendent of Schools Paul Ziegler said the student had completed sufficient work to be able to graduate but would not be allowed to return to the final few weeks of classes.

The Jefferson County Sheriff`s Department is still investigating the incident but at this time detectives are considering it a terrorist act which is a felony crime.

Ziegler credited another student who reported the threat as soon as he saw it and a digital camera security system for helping administrators pinpoint the suspect in less than an hour.

Jefferson County Sheriff Department Capt. Ron Arnhardt said students should be aware such actions are no longer considered 'pranks.'  'These are crimes,' Arnhart said adding that the department will investigate them fully and take the cases to the prosecutor.
The department is also looking for vandals responsible for damaging three schools in the district over the weekend.  A playground was set on fire at Murphy Elementary and graffiti was spray painted on walls at Brennan Woods Elementary and Woodridge Middle School Sunday.

Anyone with information regarding the crime is asked to call the Jefferson County Sheriff Department`s tip line at 636-797-5515.

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  • wormwood

    I understand the school taking the threat seriously. However if I read the article right there were security cameras in the bathroom? Where is this spying on our every move (no pun intended) going to take us as a nation?

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