Maintenance man finds baby alone in 90° apartment

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WICHITA, KS – A maintenance man made a shocking discovery when he found a diaper soaked baby lying alone in a hot apartment.

Mike Zimmerman entered the apartment to check on air conditioning repairs. it was 90 plus degrees inside. That’s when he found a one year old baby on the floor of a closet. Zimmerman and his co-worker called police. Police say when the child’s mother returned, she didn’t understand what she’d done wrong.

Parenting expert Melanie Miller Garrett says that is is a growing problem today. Many parents don’t have proper training. They either didn’t have good home lives when they were young or they don’t have anyone they can ask for help now.

Joyce Warin deals with the result of serious parenting mistakes. She’s a foster parent. She says sometimes the signs of neglect or abuse can be subtle. But, if a child’s reactions seem off, pay attention.

“I’ve never seen a kid that didn’t go through the toy department that didn’t want something. When I see one that goes through the toy department and they’re just, they go through and they don’t ask for this, they don’t want to see that. They don’t want to touch this. They don’t. Why?”

Zimmerman felt the same way when he opened that closet door.