Crowds for Air Show in Chesterfield back up traffic for miles

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KPLR)-- Beautiful Spring weather means the crowds came out in force for the Spirit of St. Louis Air Show and STEM Expo on Saturday. The popularity of the event led to significant traffic congestion. Backups were so bad that many of the people flocking to the air show never made it in.

Organizers are spreading this alert for Sunday’s fair goers: Get There Early.

The event’s big draw is the U.S. Navy Blue Angels accompanied by many other military and civilian flight demo teams. While the entire event begins at 9:00am, too many attendees arrived too close to the 1:30 air show start time on Saturday. Traffic on I-64/40 was at standstill and once you got off the highway, the side streets were just as bad. Once people made it to the entrance of the fair, those without pre-purchased tickets faces another long line and wait.

Our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch took pictures of people stuck in the hours long traffic jam. Some got out and walked while others set up shop on the side of the road and watched the show from there.

It was so bad in fact, that air show officials say they will honor unused tickets from Saturday for Sunday’s festivities. That's how many people never made it to the grounds.

Remember, there are lots of things to see besides the Blue Angels, so your best bet is to get out to Chesterfield early. Also, it's being suggested that you buy your tickets in advance.

Website: Spirit of St. Louis Air Show and STEM Expo