American Lung Association releases air quality report for St. Louis area

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - The American Lung Association's state of the air report was released Wednesday. It graded the St. Louis region in three areas: ozone, particle pollution 24-hour and particle pollution annual. St. Louis received an F for ozone, C in particle pollution 24-hour and passing for particle pollution.

Those grades means the St. Louis region is ranked the 13th most polluted city for ozone showing significant increase in ozone pollutions.

Ozone or smog is the most widespread air pollutant, created by the reaction of sunlight on emissions from vehicles and other sources. When ozone is inhaled, it irritates the lungs like a bad sunburn does the skin.

It can cause immediate health problems that continue days later.

To see the report, click on State of the Air.