Tupelo residents deal with uprooted lives after deadly tornado

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TUPELO, MS (KPLR) – One of the hardest hit neighborhoods in Tupelo, MS is a giant pile of rubble sat at the bottom of a hill in the Joyner neighborhood in Tupelo, MS.   The rubble was what was left of two houses.

“Way out closer to the highway is actually my kitchen floor,” said Angela Howard.  “The appliances were all mangled and as you can see everything was completely destroyed here.”

Howard had just bought a new home, but still had most of her possessions inside the home that was literally blown right off its foundation.   She normally takes shelter in her bathtub during a storm.  Monday’s tornado blew her bathtub several hundred feet away.

“I don’t think there’s anything that prepares you for walking upon the damage that it actually did,” Howard said.

Her eyes started to tear up as she talked about finding her daughter’s kindergarten papers.  It was something that held meaning.  She put the papers in a plastic container with some photographs.

Neighbor Wesley Webb was sifting through rubble hoping for similar finds.

“Family heirlooms and stuff like that,” said Webb.  “At least we still have everybody in our family.  We didn’t lose anybody.”

Volunteers were busy going door to door offering help.   Those offers seemed to lift the spirits of victims.

“We hear on the news all about the bad, but there are so many good people,” said Marilyn McAnany.  “People want to help each other if you just give them the opportunity.”

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