St. Louis City to revamp Clayton, Skinker, Oakland and McCauseland intersection

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - After 3 years of planning the Clayton, Skinker, Oakland and McCauseland intersections are about to get in an upgrade. The City of St. Louis has plans to redesign the area by adding bike lanes, pedestrian signals and sidewalks to make it safer and more functional. 24th Ward Alderman Scott Ogilvie says he’s excited about the plans.

“The project which should be under construction next year will build cross walks all throughout the area, reconfigure some of the curbs lane work on Oakland Avenue. There’s a local component and a state component it’s a 2 million dollar project.  About 20 percent of that comes from local taxes and the rest from state taxes.” said Ogilvie Brian Ross runs the High Pointe movie Theatre on Skinker and says he’s looking forward to the change.

“They got traffic coming from no telling which way people don’t know sometimes were their lanes are whether they should turn left or right the customers are on their own the constantly have to scurry across” said Ross.

Construction on the project is set to start next spring and should take 3 months to complete.  The city is also hoping to get MODOT’s approval of the plan by the end of August.

“I hope that we avoid traffic congestion and hope we lessen the number of accidents on the road here and I hope the customers feel safer crossing the street.” Ross said an open house on the project is set for Wednesday night at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church located at 6337 Clayton Road starting at 6 pm.

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