Chortling baby bear looking for a new home

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(KPLR) - She is cute enough to lick. okay, maybe not quite that cute. But, just imagine someone dropping off this bear cub in front of your house. Someone dropped her off last week at the home of the head of the bear league, who then took her to Lake Tahoe wildlife care. Cheryl and Tom Millham feed her special bear formula every four hours or so.

Experts theorize that this wee baby bear lost her mother, maybe in a car accident or perhaps to poachers. But, whatever traumatic event happened, it hasn't stopped her from "chortling."

What her caretakers don't want is for the bear to bond with them. So they try not to talk to her or hold her any more than they have to. That's because in a year or less they hope to release her back into the wild. In the meantime, they're trying to figure out how she got here. The only clue so far, an email.

They want to find out where the bear is from because that's where they'll eventually have to release her. California's department of fish and wildlife requires release within 75 miles from point of capture to give the bear a better chance of survival.

she's got some growing to do before she can graduate from stuffed animals to facing real ones. But, she was born with wicked claws to scamper up trees.

By: Jeanne Moos - CNN