Railroad track repairs to cause delays in Kirkwood

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KIRKWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- Downtown Kirkwood is always buzzing because of the Amtrak train station and all for the local businesses. But repairs are going to slow things down over the next couple of days.

The City of Kirkwood just announced that Union Pacific Railroad will be doing repairs on the tracks downtown at the Amtrak station. Train speeds will be reduced to 10 miles per hour causing heavy delays for drivers on Kirkwood Road. FOX 2 also checked in with local businesses.  Mason Wilder works of Sugar Rush and Zach Clark with the Kirkwood Farmers Market both say the impact can go either way.

"It could bring in more business, but it`s already pretty crowded with the traffic. It`s an issue especially parking," said Wilder.

"When their going normal speed it`s pretty hectic a long line from Taylor to Kirkwood," said Clark.

The work starts Wednesday and will last through Thursday afternoon. It`s also best to know the alternates of Taylor and Clay Avenue to get by.

Be sure to check your Amtrak for possible delays.

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