Surrogate pregnancies growing more popular for women

pregnant surrogates

(KPLR) – It’s a growing trend that’s becoming more popular, surrogate pregnancies for mothers who just don’t want to be pregnant.

They’re called social surrogates.

Women getting paid big bucks from others who don’t want their careers or their bodies affected.
A lot of women, who are physically and medically capable of getting pregnant, just don’t want to.

Why? Some say they’re afraid of being pregnant.

Others say they don’t want the drawbacks that come along with pregnancy.

Surrogacy isn’t cheap. On average it costs about 100-thousand dollars.

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  • Kornelia Terrazas

    I don’t agree with the surrancy. If you don’t want to bear children you shouldn’t have children. Who is going to take care of the child once its here? Are you going to take care of the him or her or are you going to hiire a nanny?

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