Drunk dad accused of having 13-year-old drive home

FORISTELL, MO (KTVI)-- A Wentzville father is accused of having his 13-year-old son drive him home because he was drunk.

Police believe the father, David Mooney Ham of Wentzville, had his son drive after the father had too much alcohol to drink at the boy’s baseball game.

Foristell police spotted the swerving truck and thought it was a drunk driver.

When they pulled it over, it turned out the 13-year-old was driving and the father was in the passenger seat.

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  • Kornelia Terrazas

    Thats crazy.A 13 year old doesn’t understand the driving rules so he is most likely to cause an accident. Is he tall enough to reach both the petals and see out of the windshield. No! most are not, so dad got exactly what he deserved cause he endangered not only their lives but everyone else driving that day.

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