Has Google Glass gone to far?

(KPLR) – In Wednesday’s “The Way It Oughta Be”, JB wonders if Google Glass has gone to far? Here's JB with “The Way It Oughta Be”.

These are my real glasses.  They're not Google glasses.  And I don't plan on getting the new Google contact lens anytime soon.

The idea behind a new contact lens has some incredible possibilities.  Some say it could help the blind see or warn diabetics when they're in danger.

There are those with privacy concerns who have a much different view.  A California reporter wearing the new Google glasses had them ripped off his face and smashed by a protestor.

I don't know about you but the future seems a little scary.  I hope I can keep these regular glasses for as long as possible.

I'm JB, and that's “The Way It Oughta Be”.

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