Salem to air on WGN America

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SHEREVEPORT, LA (KPLR) - You've seen the promos for weeks, the Salem witch trials are revived in 2014 as WGN America releases first its original series. Salem is sure to deliver some scares and a rare look into the Massachusetts witch trials of 1692. Director Brannon Braga wanted to bring the past back to life.

"I used to write on the show 24 and I brought a little bit of that sensibility of who really is aligned with whom. It`s kind of a thriller a supernatural period thriller. This time it`s a sleeper cell of witches." Said Braga

Set designer Seth Reed says the set is detailed as they captured the essence of the puritans.

"Things feel tight they are compressing when you get on stage or see one of the interiors you will see low ceilings and smaller spaces all of it to make you feel uncomfortable." Said Reed

Salem also serves up a cast of creepy and unique characters and story lines that are sure to draw you into a world of supernatural horror.  That shock value is exactly what the cast mates and the crew are going for.

A lot of time, detail and research was done to make the show as unique as possible. Set materials were brought in from overseas and some of it found on eBay.

The countdown is on for the shocking debut. Meanwhile, the cast and crew of Salem will have 13 weeks to enchant you and leave you with the burning question of who's a witch among us.

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