Police investigating cab drivers death in south St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – St. Louis police are looking for a suspect who killed a man he couldn't see:  a 29-year-old cab driver shot through a narrow window along-side his front door.   Here's FOX2's Andy Banker with why neighbors say this crime makes no sense.

Christina Grandcolas, Victim's Neighbor: It`s the one next to it with the wood stair rail

Nick Grandcolas, Victim's Neighbor Neighbor: 3rd house up from the corner.

Sadly, everyone knows the house now, with the shattered glass alongside the front door.

Police say someone killed 29-year-old Ibsa Alemu around 4 am Saturday morning, shooting through the glass as he stood inside his house at Holly Hills and Alabama.

Christina Grandcolas, Victim's Neighbor: Left side of the door, shattered, hole right in the middle.

Nick Grandcolas, Victim's Neighbor: Rally nice guy, real friendly, shake your hand.

He says Alemu, an African immigrant, with a heavy accent stopped by this neighborhood bar across the street from his house for a drink Friday night, but didn`t stay long.

Gary Warner, "The Little Bar": And then the next we thing know, first thing in the morning, everything`s on the news, that he`d been shot.

His boss said he`d been a cab driver in St. Louis for about 5 years; his cab still parked at the house neighbors say where Nick Grandcolas`s mother used to live, which Alemu was renovating for his wife and young daughter.

Christina Grandcolas, Victim's Neighbor: She was a real cute little girl.

Nick Grandcolas, Victim's Neighbor: I`m devastated with what happened to my mom`s house.  When we walked over there, it really shook me up to see bullet holes in the front door.

Andy Banker:  There is great sadness here for the victim and his loved ones.  But it`s also troubling on another level.  There is that one detail:  as a neighbor put it 'he was shot through his front door window before he could even open the door.  He didn`t stand a chance'.

Christina Grandcolas, Victim's Neighbor:  it just kind of makes you wonder what was really going on and if he even knew that something was going on he could have not been aware of.

Gary Warner: Everybody was upset about it because this is a real friendly place.  People in here, they feel like everybody`s their family.  Everybody liked him.

There`s no known motive, no suspects.

If you have any information call Crimestoppers at 866-371-8447 (tips).  You may qualify for $1000 dollar reward.  You don't have to leave your name.

Andy Banker, FOX2 news.

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