Should juvenile offenders identity be conceal

(KPLR) – In Wednesday’s “The Way It Oughta Be”, getting tough on crimes committed by juveniles.  Here's JB with “The Way It Oughta Be”.

I've reported on crime victims who say the offender committed a similar crime when he or she was a juvenile.

The only problem is no one can find out if that's true.  The identity of juvenile offenders is kept private, unless a crime is heinous enough for a child to be charged as an adult.

I don't think a kid with a mistake should be kept from getting a job.  I understand that.  I just know I've heard from too many victims who feel they could have been protected had they known about a person's past.

Sometimes more information about a person's past is a good thing.

I'm JB, and that's “The Way It Oughta Be”.

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