Sheriff: Four in custody for double fatal fire in Park Hills, Mo.

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PARK HILLS, MO (KPLR) - The son of a murdered couple and his three friends have been charged with the double homicides near Park Hills Missouri. Each victim was killed with a single bullet.  The teen’s mother was shot in the face, his father was shot in the back of the head.  Tony Coles is a friend of the family, “I hope it’s not true I hope it’s not true but these things happen.”

The son, 18 year old Dallas Halter is believed to have shot his own parents. On Monday it first appeared 50 year old Stanley Halter and his 46 year old wife Tammy died in a house fire. But autopsy results discovered they were the victims of a double homicide. The sheriff thinks it may have all started out as a home burglary.   Sheriff Dan Bullock said, “There’s a pretty good chance that it was to get money to get drugs. Madden: and you’d kill your parents for that?  Sheriff: I can hardly wrap my head around that as a reasonable person but it happens evidently it has in this case.”

As is typical in any homicide investigation authorities focused on people close to the couple. They quickly learned Dallas Halter was estranged from his parents.  The sheriff said, “The fact that he was not in the picture, your mother and father are dead and you’re not here and nobody can get hold of you and your not answering your phone that’s just one thing that pointed us in that direction.”

He believes the fire was arson, to destroy evidence.  The sheriff added, “Our job is to find out who did the dirty deed and who didn’t do it.”

Besides Dallas Halter, the three other suspects are 19 year old William Carrico, 24 year Maxwell Lee and 19 year old Adam Moore.  All three are from Iron County. Halter is charged with two counts of first degree murder.  The other three are charged with second degree murder.  All four face a number of other charges related to the burglary of the home.  Rick Dominick was a friend of the couple, “I can’t believe it i just can’t believe it.”  Tony Coles added, “Drugs are a big problem in our community here.”

The law enforcement community in St. Francois County is in the process of forming a major case squad. This was a trial run and they broke the case in about 48 hours.

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