Election Day: Did you know that?

(KPLR) – In Tuesday’s “The Way It Oughta Be”, it's Election Day but did you even know it.
Here`s JB with “The Way It Oughta Be”.

I'm not sure what voter turnout will be when the day is over but I do know the number will be extremely low.

We only seem interested in the big elections.  Voter turnout is highest when there are candidates running for President of the United States.

The truth of the matter is municipal elections are just as important.

I've seen school districts taken in the wrong direction because a couple of unqualified candidates were elected to a school board.

So don't underestimate how important today's elections are.  The polls are still open for about 2 hours.

I'm JB, and that's “The Way It Oughta Be”.

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