Moles can ruin your yard

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(KPLR) - Watch out for pests that could destroy your backyard garden. As we move into spring moles may take over your yards. Pest control experts at Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions say the little critters will rip apart your beautiful landscape hunting for food.

They can quickly multiply and leave large holes, mounds and raised soil in your yard.
The pesky rodent’s natural predators are coyotes, foxes and bobcats. But there aren't many of those running around in St. Louis neighborhoods, leaving your yard vulnerable.

According to Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions, a mole problem requires on-going professional treatment.


  • Steven

    I lived in St Charles for over 15 years before I moved to Florida and the solution I found that worked very effectively in St Charles were the P3 Sonic Molechasers! Once I put those in the ground, the moles departed to distant parts of my neighbors yards … I rarely saw signs of moles except when the batteries ran low.

  • Kevin

    Nothing more than a free advertisement for Rottler Pest Control.It’s not who ya know, its who ya blow.

    • Steven

      I am not associated with P3 or any of it’s business associates in any way whatsoever. I am simply a retired IT developer (I never worked for any entity even remotely associated with P3 in any way in any capacity) that found these devices extraordinarily effective. I have never worked in any organization that supplied or provided pest control services.

      I am sorry that you are so negative towards my post.

    • Steven

      on a lighter note … I most recently worked for a period of time at McDonnell-Douglas (now McBoeing) and, although we built a lot of aircraft and missiles, I don’t ever remember a missile or a an aircraft designed for the elimination of moles, voles, shrews although a Tomahawk might work, the collateral damage would likely be unacceptable to most homeowners!

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