Conservation Connection: Wetlands for Kids Day

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(KPLR) - If you’ve never thought of wetlands as being way cool, then you’ve never been to Wetlands for Kids Day. Wetlands are special places that help cleanse our waters and provide homes for some amazing plants and animals.

The Conservation Department and its partners are celebrating them this Saturday with fun and educational experiences for the whole family. Jennifer Porcelli told Christine Buck more about this fun family event.

Q. Why are wetlands so important?
• They act as buffers that absorb flood waters after heavy rains
• Their soils act as sponges to soak up impurities and cleanse water
• Development has threatened wetlands, and many have been replaced by impervious surfaces (like concrete), and this can cause flooding problems
• They also provide great habitat for wildlife.

Q. Tell us about some of these animals
• Show and discuss animal mounts
o Wood duck
o hooded merganser
o mink
o belted kingfisher
o river otter

Q. What’s happening this Saturday?
• Wetlands for Kids Day
• Saturday from 10-3
• August A. Busch Conservation Area, off Route D in St. Charles
• Free for all ages
• Hosted by the Department of Conservation and Ducks Unlimited, sponsored by the Mississippi Valley Duck Hunters Association, the Enterprise Foundation and US Bank

Q. What kinds of things will you have for people to do?
• Duck wing Maze
• Crafts and artwork projects for kids
• Live snakes, turtles, salamanders and frogs to see
• Live fish to “pet”
• Birds from the World Bird Sanctuary
• Retriever dog demonstrations
• Archery and air rifle shooting
• Free subscriptions for MDC’s Xplor! and DU’s Puddler kids magazines
• Food available for purchase

Q. Where can viewers find out more?
• Call 636-441-4554