Earthquakes and running bison have some worried about Yellowstone Super volcano

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WYOMING – A video of animal exodus at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming has residents and tourists wondering if they know something they don’t.

Bison and many other animals can be seen leaving Yellowstone in drove in the video. Some wonder if minor earthquakes in the area could soon set off the Yellowstone Super Volcano. That volcano last erupted 640,000 years ago. The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory reports that an eruption 2 million years ago covered half of North America with ash, wiping out prehistoric animals.

A series of smaller quakes have hit the region over the past few weeks, and the more earthquakes hit an area, the more chances a volcano may be activated from its dormant state. A super volcano eruption in Yellowstone would reportedly devastate the United States. It could potentially destroy everything in an arc to the East, South, and South East of the park all the way through to the Midwest.

The scientist in charge of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory told CNN that despite recent seismic activity, “We don’t anticipate an eruption anytime soon.”

Dan Hottle, Spokesman, Yellowstone National Park also says that the bison in this viral YouTube video were running into the park. “If I stayed on the phone with you for 15 min longer I can probably point the camera out the window and show you a bison running down my cul de sac.”


  • Nate

    @Heather Heisler,
    Before you go around calling people “STUPID IDIOTS” for not educating themselves, I would like to give you the opportunity to educate yourself as well. While I agree with you that wolves are not a “majestic creature” that needs to be saved, and are doing very well in many areas, you’re over simplifying the issue. I highly doubt you will be interested in hearing non biased facts pertaining to some of the information presented in your last post, but here are a few points to consider:
    In regards to wolves killing off large numbers of “hoof stock”: While the argument could be made that the total number of sheep, cows, horses, etc. killed by wolves equates to a number some would consider high, let’s compare it to the number of “hoof stock” killed by other factors each year. Weather wipes out 65 times more cattle than wolves. So do calving problems. Health problems 285 times. Coyotes kill roughly 50% of cattle reported lost. Domestic dogs 10%. Bobcats/Cougars/etc 9%. Vultures, yes vultures, 5%. Wolves, 4%.
    You may make the argument that those statistics don’t indicate true representations of the amount of damage wolves do in places where they are populous. Consider this then: Between Five Western States including Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, there were 92,900 sheep lost to carnivores in 2009 (slightly old example but on par with current statistics). Of those almost 93,000 sheep lost, 60,900 were to coyotes making up roughly two thirds. Bears 10,100, cougars 5,100, eagles 4,000, fox 3,500, dogs 2,700. Wolves:2,500.
    My point is that you make the argument that wolves shouldn’t be held up on a pedestal as some sort of angelic species. Then why do you insist on demonizing them? Especially when it’s obvious they are not the primary cause of livestock death.
    If by “hoof stock” you were referring to wild populations of elk and deer etc, I can give you those numbers as well. They indicate the same. You might also make the argument that you are against ANY species that kills and spouting off stats about coyotes being the main culprits in livestock loss may prove your own thinking that all varmits should be cleared off the landscape. Well if you want to live in a world where there are no bears, cougars, coyotes, foxes, eagles or DOGS and just cows and sheep, then you’re the “STUPID IDIOT”. In my opinion only of course.
    When it comes to the kids sitting in cages to protect themselves from wolves in New Mexico, you’re right, it has happened. There are roughly 83 wolves in NM right now, and zero documented attacks on people EVER in that state. The parents would statistically be inclined to build cages for a list of about 50 other natural phenomenon or fauna that are more likely to harm their kids. So they’re just scared of what they don’t understand. Like you.
    I won’t debate your opinion of the killing habits of wolves other than to say that if you don’t find the way almost every wild predator in the sky, on land, and in the sea finishes the job a little brutal, then you’re oblivious.
    I’m done taking you to school on this issue now. Don’t expect you to agree or accept any of it. My sources are all government based (USDA, etc) not pro wolf sites. I only decided to slam you with the facts so hard because you just seemed like such a jerk and so full of yourself so I thought it would be fun.

    • J322

      Simple. I am an Idaho resident who spends time in the out of doors. I have seen first hand what changes have occurred in wild game herds since the wolf re-introduction. Very real and DIRECTLY related. Causing more than just “death/killing” issues, but also behavior and migration patterns.

    • David

      The data is taken nation wide, wolves do no inhabit all of the U.S, This will skew the stats a bit. The 4% killed by wolves are in a very small % of the country

    • Heather Heisler

      Wow, you should get out there and actually talk to people going through the issues with wolves, instead of blindly believing what the government tells you. I have no doubt that your “facts” are what is being published. I do however doubt that they are accurate. I have a ranch in Arizona as well as in NM. The wolf population is far far grater than any one would like the public to know. The people of Arizona are being told that wolves might be re-introduced. AND yet they are already here there has already been a mating pair let loose in my ranch. I have photographs of the tracks and my neighbor has witnessed them first hand in his front yard. Studies and reports don’t want the public to know of this kind of stuff however. How about a woman in NM who kept having trouble with the wolves coming in her yard, domestic animals being killed, her small kids not being able to go outside and the government telling her if she killed the wolves she would go to prison. Have any of your studies reported this? There are more and more confirmed wolf attacks on people every month, and in most states there is nothing that can be done. One can be on your front porch killing your dog OR your kid and you can not so much as hit it with a stick. At least you can kill a bear or mountain lion if they are killing your animals. Many Many more wolves are being released than we are being told about. If we could kill them just like ALL other predictors (coyotes) than I personally would not have any issues with them.

  • GYE

    Kudos to this station for producing some “Onion” quality comic journalism. Likewise for all you creative commenters. I haven’t laughed this hard in quite some time.

  • Krischan Vogel

    All you people are saying how stupid the other is! You are missing the point of the story! If that volcano goes off we will all be dead! Dumb or smart!! I would pay more attention to the animals and earth quakes!! Its the first sign of an eruption!! Even the cavemen knew of this fact!! God bless us all!!!

  • Paula

    I just want to say this may be off subject BUT…. although I wouldn’t be thrilled at the loss of ANY animal on my place I also want to point out these beautiful creatures like the Native Americans were here first and this “government” ran them all to reserves and reservations. .. If you were in there place how would you truly feel?? I feel that they are very intelligent creature put here by God (both) & they should both be respected not stuck on small pieces of land and have there way of life taken away!!

  • jeff

    my wife says my butthole is like a super volcano after i i eat the mexican food! idiots if you don’t like wildlife yes wild! move to NYC or take your oversized bank account and stop playing poor and move to an isolated island that has birds! as far as im concerned you can take your ranch and shove it up your butt! yes i do enjoy beef ill just buy it from the Chinese…this is why america is becoming weak because we live in a country of complainers shut up deal w/ a few deaths here and there…be a parents watch your children and grow a set and lets make america strong again! weak fools complaining about a little wolf here and there…who gives u the right to be more important than another species and people grow up with the GOD comments evolution…stop wasting your 10 percent

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