“I don’t want another girl!” Baby reveal goes wrong

baby reveal 2

(KTVI) – What happens when a little boy with two sisters finds out he’s getting another sibling?  This if it’s another girl!

This video was posted to YouTube and captures the reaction of a Baby reveal gone terribly wrong.

In his defense, he is surrounded by girls. A little boy can only take so much!

It started out calm. Mom and dad asked the kids what they thought the new baby would be.  Gunner said, a boy.  Hence the smile on his face. baby reveal

Then it was time to cut the “baby reveal” cake. To his dismay, it was pink inside.

baby reveal 0

And then his dismay turns to disbelief.  Gunner asked his parents again as if the answer would change. But it didn’t. baby reveal 2

Then came the tears.

baby reveal 4

Gunner said, “It’s a girl! It’s always a girl.”   “I hate girls. Every time it’s Girl. Girl. Girl. Girl.”

baby reveal 3

It’s too much…

baby reveal 5

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