160 residents forced from apartments after small fire

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ST. ANN, MO (KTVI) - A small fire in one unit of a 14-story Santa Ana apartments on Ashby Road ended up causing water damage, turned off power and displaced residents.

St. Ann Mayor Michael Corcoran says one resident on the 10th floor got up early and started to cook something around 3:30am. Her shawl caught fire. She threw it in the sink and the cabinets caught fire.

The sprinkler system in the building turned on and extinguished the fire. Mayor Corcoran emphasizes the system did exactly what it is supposed to do.

Unfortunately, the system pumped so much water into the apartment, is caused water damage in the apartments below.

Electricity in the building had to be turned off.

At least 160 residents have been moved out of the building. Facility staff are trying to contact residents' family members to try to locate alternate housing as soon as possible. They hope many can stay with friends or relatives for a few days.

Repair crews are now on scene to begin cleanup and drying of the building.

The mayor says it could take up to three days before residents are allowed back into the building.

The Red Cross is assisting with an emergency shelter on site. According to the Red Cross, many of the residents are elderly or live with disabilities.

The agency is providing food and shelter for displaced residents.

The Red Cross is preparing to serve lunch to residents at the St. Ann Community Center, 1 Community Center Dr., 63074.  They will also set up a temporary overnight shelter at the recreation center.

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  • dennis politte

    we are from St ann aprt. we have had to pay for a hotel 4, 10 days. My partner and i have no one to take us in, it’s just us. we have tryd to get help from everyone. we have drained our bank accounts the managers name is gloria. we told her we only can last till sunday 4-6-14 and she said i don’t know what to tell you. we pay all our bills and we cant even get help. now we will have to sleep out side in the cold because no one will return a call and help with somthing that wasn’t our fault.

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